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"When you are the team leader of a bunch of ragtag adventurers who can't even find the pointy side of their sword, it's up to you to help them navigate their first challenge: A deadly corridor filled with traps! Guide them to victory in this endless maze of death!"

Adventure Boss was a game developed for the Global Game Jam 15, with the theme "What do we do now?".

You play as a leader of a party with a knight, a rogue and a wizard. Problem is they are very inexperienced, and are constantly nagging you as to what they should do. So, as their leader, it's up to you to lead them to success!

The game is a mix of Endless Runner and Simon Says. You chose a character and disarm a trap on a corridor that is infinitely spawning them, and as you run ever faster!

Code and Art by Joana Almeida

Blog | Twitter | E-mail

Music by João Costa

SoundCloud | Twitter


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Adventure Boss WIN (32-bit) 9 MB
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Adventure Boss LIN (Universal) 20 MB
Adventure Boss MAC (Universal) 19 MB